I’m Not Alone, and Neither are You

Thanksgiving is coming a little early for me today….

So I went into this whole blogging thing a little naive. I knew there was a pretty active gay community online. I assumed this had to extend to the trans community as well. I haven’t told anyone about my blog, not because I don’t think they’d be supportive, but because I felt like i needed a space to think out loud, find people like me, and figure out who and what I am on my own terms.

So after a few posts, and a few followers, and some serious digging through blogs last night, I had the fantastic realization that there are way more people than just me that struggled with, are struggling with, or have worked through this weird place that I’m in right now. Most striking to me was the realization that there are others who don’t want to be female, but aren’t totally sold on being male either.

It’s nice to feel like I’ve finally found a place to work through my issues a little and even better to know that I’m not totally alone. So for those of you who’ve shared pieces of your life for total strangers to read on the Internet, thanks. For what it’s worth, you’ve made this stranger feel a whole lot less strange.

Until next time,


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