Nothing in Between

So I’m on my way down to Jacksonville for some turkey and family time. So just south of Richmond and passed a sign for I95 south to Rocky Mount, NC and Miami. There are literally 600 some miles between those destinations. Hundreds of cities and millions of stories. In my late-night driving stupor, it got me to thinking. How many times do people do this in other aspects of life? You know, gloss over any number of in betweens. Like there’s no way something could possibly be two things. Like 95 couldn’t possibly have an exit anywhere in between those two cities. My fiancee is pretty bad about skipping over the in betweens. Like she doesn’t believe in the possibility of a grey space between two polar opposites – good and bad, black and white. She’s coming around, but it’ll take time.

Bonus Material: What a terrible road trip companion.

In other news, the fiancee has helped break the ice on the coming out to the brother and sister in law. In fact, he told his friends I was basically his brother. So that’s a plus.

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