Good News All Around!

First thing’s first, Androgel has just been released as a generic! For those of you that don’t know what this means, it means the price will start coming down for that particular product here in the states. With it only being available from a single generic manufacturer right now, you can rest assured prices will remain pretty close to the brand-named product for now, but as more manufacturers begin to make it, you’d better believe the prices will be coming down. This is awesome news for those whose insurance doesn’t cover transitioning.

Generic Androgel is now available!

Pharmaceutical good news aside, I had my first therapy session last night. I’m skeptical of the whole process, to be honest. Therapist seems nice enough and she’s totally on board with helping me transition. She thought I was MTF, so I’m not sure what that say about my physique. I decided to take that as “you’ve achieved an acceptable level of androgyny.”

It’s so weird how some people can grab onto your biggest insecurities 3 seconds after meeting you and poke them until they’re all you can think about. Her biggest concern is that, since my fiancee identifies as primarily lesbian, that our relationship will be strained after/during the transition because she will no longer be attracted to me. This has been a not-so-secret concern of mine as well, and Melissa and I have discussed it. She assures me she’s in love with me and that there won’t be an issue, but I know how important physical attraction can be in a relationship.

For those of you out there that were in a relationship during your transitions: what changed? Anything? I feel like some things have to change in the relationship, but I don’t feel like call change is by nature bad.

She also had a few good ideas about speeding up the process of actually obtaining a testosterone prescription. She told me that since my primary is willing to help me, to a degree, contacting her office ahead of my endocrinologist appointment and asking her to write me a lab slip for a cholesterol and and testosterone levels. Then I can walk into endocrinology in February with all the info that they might need. She said I seem really knowledgeable about the process and what to expect (I credit some of you for that). Melissa is working on that today. Excellent.

Other than that, all is well, so far. It snowed yesterday, so the New Year’s Resolutioners weren’t at the gym. Yay quieter gym. The few new women that were there were not very ok with me in the locker room. The regulars all recognize me and have accepted that even if I don’t belong in the women’s locker room, that’s where I change. The new people gave me the stink eye. Meh

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4 thoughts on “Good News All Around!”

  1. I’m glad to see there’s a generic gel out now. Thanks for the update on that. As far as relationship changes while transitioning, I can’t offer much because, unlike your partner, mine is not on-board fully with me so the changes in our relationship are hopefully not ones you will experience. My only suggestions are 1. Make sure your partner is aware of the physical changes that T will cause and 2. Communicate a lot about what you’re both feeling and thinking. As long as you’re both ok with change and stay flexible you should get through this pretty well. Good luck and enjoy the ride.

      1. Thanks. It is what it is and will work out however is best for both parties. I’m at peace with that.

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