Memory Lane: Prepping for my Next Therapy Session

So for my next therapy session, my therapist has asked me to bring in a few pictures of myself from over the years. There were 3 age ranges she was mostly looking for: 5-10, 12-15, 18-25. So Melissa and I took some time to go through the pictures I have. I really don’t have many pictures from my childhood – when my mom took off she took a lot of those pictures with her. Most of what I have now are pictures that I had taken off to college with me. I’m not sure what she wants the pictures for; maybe to get a better idea of how I’ve changed through the years. But Melissa and I actually had a good time going though some of my old pictures last night looking for them, so I thought that I’d share them with you.

A funny
A funny “mugshot” approximately 6 years old.

My dad was a cop and he took “mugshots” of my brother and I one day. Fingerprinted us and showed us the holding cell. I feel like we enjoyed stopping by the police station as often as possible as kids. The frog in the picture was just simply “Froggy,” a poison dart frog that I got from the Baltimore Aquarium.

September 1993, 6 years old

Oh 90’s pants… I was, obviously, given some sort of award. It was probably one of those “kid of the month” or “great reader” awards that everyone got at some point or another. I have no clue why I’m so miserable. Maybe because my shirt matches the finger-painted leaves in the background?

Approximately 13 years old.
Approximately 13 years old.

Most of my favorite memories growing up involve me and my family on a boat. We used to ride out to the mouth of the Delaware river in the Delaware bay. Somewhere between Delaware and New Jersey waters. We used to catch all kinds of stuff out there, flounder, trout, bass. But this? This was a puffer fish. You can’t really tell in this picture because I hadn’t completely pissed him off yet. When we wrapped him up in a rag to pull the hook out, he puffed up and things got weird.

My 14th birthday party

This is from my 14th birthday party. I’m covered in Silly string because my friends were…well 13-14 years old. Yes, this is a Polaroid. I know I’ve made references before about my wearing whatever acceptably androgynous thing my mother and I could agree on. This is one example of that. Yeah, it’s one of those terrible 90’s-era wild animal shirts. Ooof.

Christmas 2005 - 18 years old.
Christmas 2005 – 18 years old.

My first college Christmas, and my brothers and oldest niece and nephew. Yes, my hair is blue. This is my rebellious stage. Haha. This is actually one of my favorite pictures of all of us. The kids are so little and my younger brother….I mean wow. You’d never guess that big, floppy mop is all gone and he’s in the Navy now.

Thanksgiving - 2004, ish?
Thanksgiving – 2004, ish?

This was always a family tradition in our family. This was Thanksgiving of either 04 or 05. After Thanksgiving dinner, me, my brothers and my cousins would change out of our nice “eating a respectable dinner with the family” clothes and go play football. And not two hand touch, let’s not hurt each other football. I mean full on broke my brother in law’s nose one year contact football. My mother hated that I played football with the guys instead of sitting inside with her and the rest of the adults. Like I’ve said before, I’m the only “female” in the family aside from sisters-in-law who have married in, like my sister-in-law who is taking this picture. So even if I’d stayed inside, there wasn’t really anyone my age to play with. I don’t think I would have even if there was. I always enjoyed playing football with them.

Fall 2008
Fall 2009

College. Ahh College. This is fall semester of 2009. The theatre group I worked with was putting on Alice in Wonderland. I’m in my stage manager best and the director had encouraged anyone who was willing to dye their hair crazy colors for the show. My family had actually come up to see it, so I gave my niece (on my shoulder) a backstage tour and my younger brother….well he’s a weirdo. Theatre was great for me – I was kind of a natural and met most of my life-long friends through it. Literally my entire wedding party is comprised of theatre kids. I remember being totally stoked to share it with my family when they came up for this one. My older brother and sister-in-law lived about an hour and a half or so from where I went to college and it was tough for them to travel with 2 kids for just an hour long show like that. My younger brother didn’t have a car of his own and he was also in his teenage boy stage, but they all made it up to support me. The kids really enjoyed it, too. They thought it was so cool that I had helped build the set and that I’d built the mushrooms for the caterpillar. They loved meeting all my crazy college friends – they thought it was so cool.

Anyhow, it’s almost football time, so I’m off. Until next time,

Bonus Material: Early morning snuggles with the fiancee and the guinea piggle, Romeo.



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