Raptor Sauce

So this morning, I woke up with the phrase “raptor sauce” stuck in my head. No context. No meaning, to the best of my knowledge. Just raptor sauce. So I’ve determined to use it as often as possible with the hopes of getting it unstuck. So far no good.

My real reason for this post goes to my age old complaint about passing at the gym. It’s the only place that I don’t consistently pass right now…well until I talk and then I don’t pass anywhere, but that’s neither here nor there. Yesterday I was at the gym and went to sit down on one of the bikes and the girl on the next bike told me it was broken. Fair enough, right? I wandered off elsewhere and did my cardio on another bike….which I later found to be broken for real. See, my issue comes from the fact that 10 minutes after the other girl chased me off, someone else sat down on that same bike and went through their entire routine without interruption or conversation from her or issues from the bike. I try not to speculate the worst of people… it makes me bitter and I don’t want to be a bitter old man… but I had several moments of real frustration. Was it because I was trans? Or “lesbian”? Did I smell? (Protip, I didn’t smell any worse than anyone else at the gym).

In the end, I decided to chalk it up to her ignorance. The bike she had told me was broken is also the only bike in the gym that is set to kilometers rather than miles. So obviously she was just trying to save me the frustration of an inaccurate distance measurement on my cardio for the day.

On a more positive note, I’m mostly back to not getting a bunch of weird looks at the gym. I haven’t decided if it’s because all the resolutioners are gone or because they’ve decided that they don’t care anymore. Regardless, the gym is one of those places I prefer to remain pretty anonymous.

Any how, other updates: Melissa got in touch with with my primary doctor, who agreed to (and has) rewritten my lab slip to include testosterone levels. I’m getting that drawn this Saturday, so I’ll be able to walk into my endocrine appointment with all of my pertinent lab values current within the last year…cholesterol, kidney and liver, and testosterone. I’m not getting my hopes up about it yet, but it makes me feel like I can start soon, which would be really cool. Then I’d just have to try to find a way to talk to my employer. Ahh…troubles for another week, I suppose.

Other observations: I’m getting frustrated with putting my legal name on things. When I first started asking people to Tyler, it felt weird answering to it and even weirder writing it. Now, about a month in, it feels like I’ve been Tyler all along.

Until Next Time,


Bonus material: Apparently I nap with guinea pigs.
Bonus material: Apparently I nap with guinea pigs.

3 thoughts on “Raptor Sauce”

  1. I’m dreading my namechange, wondering how it will feel answering to another name. I’ve always thought I would adapt over time, but a month you say?! That’s incredible fast!!

    1. I was pretty surprised, too. I think it’s important to pick something that “calls” to you in some way…or at least it helped the process a fair bit. It also helped a LOT that everyone in my life has been super supportive (or at least kept their mouths shut if not) and been very consistent calling me Tyler or even correcting themselves when they slip up. I’m a pretty lucky dude.

  2. A gym will never see me… I admire you for just going! Pooch says your guinea pig is cute. I suspect she might think of them in the lines of food, so don’t pass the message along, okay? 😀

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