Kids are Weird

I love kids. I’m basically a kid magnet. I’ve had strangers’ kids literally snuggle me in the ball park where Melissa and I play softball. I’ve also mentioned before that I have a LOT of kids in my life, ranging from 16 to 1 in various stages of related or not related, but claiming me as theirs. I feel like this transition has been weirdest for them. Most people have known me as Christina or Chrissy for some increment of years. For the kids, I’ve been Aunt Sissy for literally their entire lives, so they’re having some trouble with it.

Don’t get me wrong: they’re being super supportive and really trying. We had my niece over last night and today because Melissa was trying on wedding dresses and my niece is on her side of the bridal party. She’s been really good about calling me Uncle Tyler….but in the same sentences she’s calling me uncle Tyler, she’s also using female pronouns. I’m not really at the point in all of this where I’m bothering to correct anyone either way. I know they’re not doing it out of spite or ignorance, but more out of habit. I suppose at some point I may have to at some point, but this doesn’t really seem to be the appropriate juncture. I’ve really only been out to them for about a month or so and I feel like it’ll discourage them to get corrected all the time; especially the kids.

In other news, I had labs drawn today – a check up on my cholesterol levels and the first draw for my testosterone levels. (I keep a running table of my lab values over time here, in case you’re interested). So now I can hopefully get into my endocrinologist office with all my ducks in a row and maybe get on this boat pretty quickly.

I was looking into how exactly one goes about changing his gender in my state and I came across a couple of things, that I figured the rest of you might find helpful:

Lambda Legal’s Guide to Changing Your Birth Certificate Gender – This one’s less useful for me; my birth certificate is not issued by a state…. it’s military-issued certificate of birth abroad.’s listing of driver’s licence change policies by state. Crazy useful. Also… it is insanely easy to change my gender here on my driver’s licence.

In wedding related news…WE HAVE A DRESS. By we, I really mean Melissa. And I’m not allowed to see it, but I’m really quite excited about that. One of the coolest things about having a non-traditional (ie…not cisman, ciswoman) is that we can basically do whatever the hell we want. Melissa and her mom are a little more a fan of the traditional bride approach for her side (but please…ask Melissa how she feels about veils…haha). But me? I’m winging it. I’ve always like the something borrowed, etc tradition, so I’m doing it. I’m borrowing a tie bar from my dad. He’s really stoked to be able to loan it to me, too. We’re wearing Converse shoes for our wedding. So we’re going to have matching blue hearts embroidered into the shoes for our something blue. My something old is the ring my aunt gave me that I’ve mentioned in a previous post. Any my something new is going to be a shiny new tie. Because I love ties.

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Bonus Material: This is our lovable little furball, Ophelia.
Bonus Material: This is our lovable little furball, Ophelia.

2 thoughts on “Kids are Weird”

  1. For anyone wondering why I have such disdain for veils, I have a few reasons. First I simply don’t see myself as the veil wearing type of girl. They don’t go with my style, and I don’t personally like the misogyny behind them. Second, and more importantly, I don’t want to have to rock a black eye on our wedding day. *story time* The first time Tyler ever kissed me we were outside of my parent’s house after our first date. We were just wrapping up a great 1st date and I was excited to share our first kiss together. He was moving in and and ::BAM:: he bopped me. Right in the face!! It was love at first bop…so yeah no veils for this girl.

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