Today I Learned to Poke Needles into my Leg

So it’s official. I gave myself my first injection today. I also talked to my manager, who was really sweet about it, and also reminded me that I had no legal obligation to tell her anything and did the sort of standard HR-y things.

The last week or so has sort of been a menagerie of feelings, not all of which I’ve been able to sort out. I’m hoping my therapy appointment tomorrow will help with that. Continue reading Today I Learned to Poke Needles into my Leg


One Rough Week Down…

I haven’t written a while. My work schedule changed again and I’m still readjusting… and of course with a new work schedule comes a new gym routine. And with a new gym routine comes a 4-car accident on I-95…. yep. I was that guy. So now everything is all out of whack and Melissa and I are short a car and working opposite schedules. We’ll make due though, it just makes everything weird. Good news is, I’m ok and the car will survive, too. I never really realized how emotionally attached to my car I am until this. I bought ‘Bru just out of college and he’ll be paid off in just a few months. I’ve put a mess of miles on him and he’s reliably taken me everywhere from Jacksonville to Boston. He handled the 18-wheeler tire on I95 wonderfully, drove through more tornadoes and blizzards than either of us should be driving in. I’m supposed to have him back by the 5th, so here’s hoping. Continue reading One Rough Week Down…

Updates, Gym and Whatnot

Seriously, if I had a dime for every weird look I got in the locker room at the gym, I’d just quit my job and hang out there. At least no one’s been mean or awkward again recently, but it begs the question: when do I change locker rooms? I’ve got the manager’s business card with her email address on it. I keep telling myself I’ll email her and put an end to the wondering once and for all, but I don’t know what to say. And I really don’t expect much other than a super politically correct response… something like “member safety and comfort is our top priority” and “use whichever locker room you feel most safe in” and maybe even a “if anyone creates a hostile environment, alert gym staff”. And really what good is something like that going to do me? My issue is that I spend enough time in the women’s locker room to know that the women find me out of place there. But I don’t know if the men will find me equally out of place. After all, I still have boobs and wear a sports bra.

Continue reading Updates, Gym and Whatnot

The Price is Right vs 9-5

So normally I I love going to the gym. It’s a fantastic endorphin high and really fantastic for my mental health. Recently, my work schedule changed since I’m training to work with an account that uses PST instead of EST; instead of working 8am-5pm, I’m now working 10am-7pm for 2 weeks, then 12pm-9pm for 2 weeks. After that, the schedule is still pretty well up in the air.

But for now, it’s mixed up my gym schedule, too. Instead of hitting the gym at 5:15 with all the 9-5er’s, I’m now going at 8am with the Price-is-Right-ers. New crowd, new adjustment…just like at the beginning of the year when all the resolutioners gave me weird looks in the locker room, except an older generation that is a little less flexible and with the times than the 9-5ers. Continue reading The Price is Right vs 9-5