The Price is Right vs 9-5

So normally I I love going to the gym. It’s a fantastic endorphin high and really fantastic for my mental health. Recently, my work schedule changed since I’m training to work with an account that uses PST instead of EST; instead of working 8am-5pm, I’m now working 10am-7pm for 2 weeks, then 12pm-9pm for 2 weeks. After that, the schedule is still pretty well up in the air.

But for now, it’s mixed up my gym schedule, too. Instead of hitting the gym at 5:15 with all the 9-5er’s, I’m now going at 8am with the Price-is-Right-ers. New crowd, new adjustment…just like at the beginning of the year when all the resolutioners gave me weird looks in the locker room, except an older generation that is a little less flexible and with the times than the 9-5ers.

It’s day 2 of this new routine and this morning marked my first real issue at the gym. I got there, got changed and got my workout in without an issue. After that, I go back to the locker room, wash my face, put some gel in my hair, get changed and get ready for work. As I was fixing my hair, an older woman – maybe late 50’s early 60’s – walked in, walked into a bathroom stall, walked back out of the bathroom stall and looked really confused. I had my head phones in, so I saw her lips moving, but did hear what she said….honestly, I’d assumed she was asking if I knew where there was more toilet paper….that gym is kind of bad for never having toilet paper in the stalls. I took my headphones out and asked her to repeat herself and she goes “oh nothing… I just worried I was in the wrong bathroom” and went back into her stall. I laughed it off, this happens pretty frequently when I’m around an no one has been actually rude about it. She even went so far as to assume it must be her in the wrong bathroom, not me. She wasn’t disrespectful, mean or anything.

Then she happened. The second bathroom stall opens, and a younger, but still older than me woman walks out and in a clear attempt to show how worldly and accepting she is LOUDLY says to me “The nerve of some people, right!?” Knowing full well the other woman in the bathroom can still hear her and proceeds to apologize loudly, obnoxiously and rudely for the way the other woman treated me. I told her that it wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t feel like the first woman had been rude at all, that I realize that I don’t exactly fit in and I can understand that some women might not realize at first glance that I’m not confused or lost. While I appreciated the support of a stranger, I did’t appreciate her making a bigger deal of it than either I or the first woman had. Maybe the first woman had said something meaner than I realize while I still had my headphones in. Maybe there was some justified hostility, but the bottom line is there’s no reason to get more offended about something that small than the person who was supposedly the “victim”.

I finished getting dressed and left as quickly as possible. That kind of stuff just frustrates me and it made the whole workout feel pointless. Yesterday I got the hairy eyeball from the manager when she found me in the women’s locker room. Luckily most of the 5pm STAFF was working out at that time and recognized me. I don’t feel like I look a lot different than I did even a couple months ago, but clearly something’s changed. I guess it’s time to start carrying my ID with me all the time.

.Until Next TIme,



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