Today I Learned to Poke Needles into my Leg

So it’s official. I gave myself my first injection today. I also talked to my manager, who was really sweet about it, and also reminded me that I had no legal obligation to tell her anything and did the sort of standard HR-y things.

The last week or so has sort of been a menagerie of feelings, not all of which I’ve been able to sort out. I’m hoping my therapy appointment tomorrow will help with that.

I feel like the racing thoughts in my head that usually keep themselves to a pleasant buzz have piped up to an inescapable cacophony. It’s rather unpleasant. I feel like the side of my brain that usually keeps all of that in check just took the week off and didn’t tell me. The methodical, calculating side can’t keep up with the damn-near manic output of the reactive side and my usual patience seems basically gone. I suspect it’s a combination of nerves/excitement and that fact that I almost always get like this a certain time of the month… but that’s neither here nor there. Oh yeah, I’m the genius that started T 2 days into my period. The biggest issue is that none of my normal coping methods are working and I feel like I’m just going to explode. I’m desperate for just about anything that’ll take my mind off of it. I guess at this point it’s probably best to just go to bed and hope tomorrow brings quieter feelings.

Until Next Time

wpid-20150225_215813.jpg wpid-20150225_215835.jpg wpid-20150225_215842.jpg wpid-20150225_215905.jpg wpid-20150225_215915.jpg

Don't mind me...Melissa is bad at photo taking
Don’t mind me…Melissa is bad at photo taking

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