Updates and Whatnot

So Wednesday, I’ll be giving myself my second shot, so I felt like now would be a good time to share a few things:

First, no one mentions just how quick that first shot gets you. I took my first shot at 8am Wednesday and by 8pm, my throat had started to feel scratchy. It’s winter-time in the mid Atlantic and my job is LITERALLY talking on the phone for 8 hours a day. I chalked it up to one, or both, of those. The difference with this scratch is that nothing could make it feel better. Hot tea, cough drops, nothing. When I had my therapy appointment Thursday morning, her first reaction to this was “Wait… you didn’t realize it would start that fast!?” Aside from the initial scratchiness, which has largely subsided at this point, I haven’t noticed any other major changes.

A few other things from my experience so far that I feel like are worth noting – and this next segment might qualify as too much info, so if you’re not particularly interested in testosterone and my period…. just skip the rest of this paragraph. So I mentioned before that I gave myself my first shot on day 3 of my period. If I could do it again, I probably would wait until I finished. My periods are usually steady for 4-5 days and then super light for another day or so and I’m done. When I woke up Thursday morning, my period had basically stopped. Then I continued with super-light spotting for the next week. It’s like my body know that it’s my last (or close to last) period and wanted to make sure it took as long as was as miserable as possible.

In other news, Melissa and I got our wedding invitations designed and a test run printed. They look fabulous and reflect out love for stupid fonts. haha

I had court today for a traffic ticket I got in response to my accident. I forgot that most people don’t bother to look nice for traffic court, so I was easily one of the best dressed people in the room if only by virtue of not wearing a hoodie and not smelling of smoke. Best dressed aside, it was a pretty strong reminder of something that my therapist and I talked about last week. I don’t really have to try to pass, as long as I don’t talk. Before too long, that’s not going to be enough to let people know that I am the person on my ID. My therapist thinks it’s a good idea to proceed with the legal name change process sooner rather than later, otherwise my marriage certificate will always be issued to “Christina” and I will have to come out again every time someone requires my legal documentation. There were several times today at court I was assumed to be either “Christina’s representative” or, even once, the father of the girl that happened to be sitting next to me that looked like she was approximately 16. These issues are only going to get worse.

In other news, have you read about my gym? It seems harassing trans people in the locker room can get you the boot. I’m still using the women’s locker room at this point, but the latest news makes me feel a little better about the eventuality of going into the men’s locker room.

Last but not least…

A picture of me looking snazzy for court today.
A picture of me looking snazzy for court today.

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