I must-ache you a question.

So the voice change is officially official. We had a bunch of friends over this weekend to make our wedding invitations. Those came out awesome, thanks to everyone that came over and worked on those. It’s the first time I’ve seen most of my close friends since I started taking testosterone – they live in Virginia, so I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I’d like. They could hear the difference in my voice.

In the last few days I’ve started to notice the start of the facial hair. For the most part, the ability to grow facial and body hair is more of a genetic thing. I had a pretty much 50-50 shot at this. My older brother has a full-mountain man beard and my younger brother literally cannot grow a full beard. He has two patches that grow in on his cheeks – not even in the same place on the left and right cheek. Well, my beard hairs are starting to thicken up and the mustache-area started growing in actually black. It skipped thickening and went to mustache. I seem to have inherited older brother’s facial hair. So this morning I shaved it for the first time. I don’t want a mustache. A beard, yes. Maybe a goatee. But not a mustache all by itself. Funniest part? It’s doing the 5 o’clock shadow thing already.

This, of course, bring up the inevitability of changing locker rooms at the gym. Melissa’s working on the bureaucracy parts of the legal name change, which is cool. It means I have to settle on a middle name sooner rather than later. But that’s probably for the best because people are starting to not believe that I’m the one in my licence picture. It doesn’t help that I’m 60lbs heavier in my licence picture and it looks like a mugshot…

Any thoughts? We’re kind of stuck between James or Logan. Leaning more toward James at this point, but I’d love input.

Other than that…. it was Easter and I still don’t like holidays.

Until Next time,



5 thoughts on “I must-ache you a question.”

  1. Names are hard to choose. I like the sound of Tyler James (TJ) more than Tyler Logan – but you have to also be able to say the whole name. It has to sound good with your last name, and kind of flow together. If you can’t say it fast and naturally, keep looking. I have a few friends who call me Jay instead of Jamie, and one co-worker who calls me Jay-Ray (and sometimes X-Ray).

  2. That’s so cool about the face shadow, please take all my face hair if you want it! Hehe. Do you need to have a middle name? Just a thought.

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