Damn It, Irene: Thoughts, Observations and after 2 Months – and pictures, of course

So I’m coming up on the 2 month mark. Pictures, as customary, later this week. I figured I’d take some time and kind of get some thoughts and updated out of the way.

First big news – step one for the legal name change is underway. I’m required to place notice in the paper for 3 weeks so that anyone who would like to object may do so. This is to avoid people changing their name to dodge debt. That first ad ran today, so I should be on my way to getting the name change finalized. I’ve decided on Tyler James. We’re hoping to have that completed soon. The company I work for is splitting into two companies soon and they’ll be reassigning email addresses. I’m hoping to use that as an opportunity to have the right email address.

Second – Beard, body hair and more ‘stache. Seriously, everything starting to get darker and the beard is actually starting to get real hairs in it. I’m pretty excited by this, obviously. I’ve also started to get my first tummy hairs. Seriously, as much as I was not a hairy female, I strongly suspect I will end up being a pretty fuzzy dude. The arm and thigh hair isn’t filling in much yet, but I suspect that’s not far behind.

Three- The voice. I don’t feel like it’s crazy deep, but I get “sir” and “dude” and “buddy” on the phone a lot at work. Even introducing myself as Christina. The other day, someone couldn’t quite reconcile the voice to the name and just “corrected” my name to Richard. I’m not 100% certain how Christina sounds like Richard, but I’m calling this one a win in my book.

Four – The gym is getting harder. I’m “passing” 99.9% of the time now. That 0.1% is not necessarily even when I’m not wearing a shirt anymore. So I think it’s getting toward time to change locker rooms. The rest of this week, my gym schedule is going to be way off. I either have to go wicked early or late after work. I think this might be a good time to change over while I’m not with my regular crowd – fewer people likely to notice. Another funny story: Melissa and I started our Special Olympics season this past Saturday. I’ve been working the the SO crowd for 3 years now. Every year, we have a few new people, but for the most part, I know everyone there. This year, one of the new guys is a vet with a TBI – absolute sweetheart. He asked what my name was and, since I hadn’t had a chance to talk to the head coach yet, I told him Christina. He looked me up and down, told me had a daughter named Christina, and that he didn’t realize they used that name for guys, too. Then he decided that he’d call me Chris because it was too weird to call a guy by his daughter’s name and informed me that my parents were “blowing smoke up my ass” telling me that I had a boy’s name. I nearly died laughing.

Other random thoughts: I feel like blending in anywhere is getting harder and harder. The more I want to disappear into the background for a while, the more people seem to notice me. Like Irene. Remember a while ago I talked about a lady who was confused and thought she was in the wrong bathroom and has since gone out of her way to be super nice to me every time she sees me? Her name is Irene. I know because she introduced herself one morning while I was standing in my underwear in the women’s locker room hoping everyone just wouldn’t notice me. The acne has picked up and I’m currently officially 7 days late for my period without a single sign that it might start. So without further adieu…. 2 month pictures.

wpid-20150421_225818.jpg wpid-20150421_225829.jpg wpid-20150421_225837.jpg wpid-20150421_225859.jpg wpid-20150421_225933.jpg

Pre-T for comparison, Again.
Pre-T for comparison, Again.

2 thoughts on “Damn It, Irene: Thoughts, Observations and after 2 Months – and pictures, of course”

  1. I checked out your blog because I wanted to understand your perspective a bit more. I have to say, I had no idea that you were in transition. I wish you the very best of luck and hope that you have the peace and happiness that you deserve.

    I admire you for having the courage to go through with it and for blogging about it. I am sure that your blog will reach others who are facing a similar dilemma.

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