Three Months Update

So last Wednesday marks my 3 months on T…I’m super late getting this up. I feel like the changes are slow, but steady at this point, which is super frustrating.

Hair – The hair on my upper-leg and stomach seem to have thickened up basically overnight. The facial hair is finally starting to fill out properly, too – I have a dodgy pre-teen mustache and the start of mutton chops. The chin is just starting to follow suit, so it looks like the beard will be here soon. Melissa says I’m starting to sprout back hair, as well, but I haven’t noticed any of that. My hairline seems to be creeping back a bit – not like out of control balding, but my hairline is looking a lot like my younger brother’s. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet.

Skin – I sweat constantly. I’m the grossest after the gym. It’s wonderful – it makes me feel like I’ve really gotten something out of my workout. The acne is less wonderful, but I’ll accept it.

Muscles – Speaking of workout – I’ve developed a lot more definition, especially in the arms and shoulders. I’ve stalled out recently, but that’s probably more a matter of adjusting my routine rather than testosterone-related anything.

Voice – It’s so deep! No really… I’m really happy with how quickly it dropped. I had someone ask me if I was sure my name was Christina on the phone the other day. I laughed. I’ve also been called Ricky, Richard, Tristan and…..Kevin? Why Kevin?

“Passing” – Everyone assumes I’m a boy 99.9% of the time. Even talking on the phones. This has been the biggest up for me. The other day at softball practice, I missed a tough catch and one of the other guys on the team patted my ass and told me better luck next time. In case you’ve never seen organized sports, a friendly pat on the ass is how guys communicate excitement or sympathy. If you’ve ever played women’s sports, or even co-ed sports, you’ll recognize that the gesture is largely reserved to interactions between guys – especially since his girlfriend is also on the team. I’ve also been called “bro”, “boss”, “dude”, “buddy”….Kevin. The weirdest part about this is that there are people now that have not and will not ever know me as female. This is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. Waiters don’t even consider handing Melissa the check anymore. It’s clearly my problem.

Aside from that, I just had my bloodwork done and I have an appointment….next week…yikes…to follow up and possibly increase my dose.

So without further adeiu…. picture time.

wpid-20150519_234613.jpg wpid-20150519_234703.jpg wpid-20150519_234711.jpg wpid-20150519_234717.jpg wpid-20150519_234728.jpg wpid-20150519_234758.jpg wpid-20150531_145810.jpg


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