And Now for a Total Change of Topic…

I feel like the last week or so has been a whole handful of bizarre updates, so I apologize if this post seems like a lot of skipping around. I’ve been kind of in a funk lately and I think a lot of it has to do with not giving myself therapy time. I haven’t been seeing my therapist as frequently and I, obviously, haven’t been writing as much and that’s caused a lot of internal tension for me.

Update 1 – Special Olympics Softball
For those of you unaware of how Special Olympics works, here’s the quick and dirty. Most sports are what’s called “Traditional” – teams of athletes, or athletes competing individually for medals. Athletes are people with some sort of disability, be it intellectual or physical. Most of the team sports are also offered in a “Unified” format – a 50/50 mix of athletes and Unified Partners – people without disabilities that volunteer to play. I play Unified Softball in the summer and Unified Football in the fall and help out with the traditional teams of both sports.
Softball was held in a two-day tournament. Friday was a two-game seeding matchup, followed by the start of championships. We finished up Friday with a 2-1 record in the 95 degree heat to come in at #2 seed overall. The heat index down on the softball field was clocked at 106. It was brutal, but the entire team fought hard and gave 100%. My amazing group played a total of 7 games that weekend in the heat. We came away with silver and all a whole lot of love for each other. If you ever have the opportunity to get involved with your local Special Olympics, DO IT. These are seriously the most accepting, loving, giving group of people I’ve ever worked with. Melissa said that toward the end of the day on Saturday, one of the athletes pulled her aside and told her that he was proud of me and how brave I was. He told her that when he first met me (3 years ago), I was a girl and he’s happy for me that I’m happy now. The lower functioning girl that I’d mentioned previously, that had said it was no big deal that I was trans, but then continued to use the wrong pronouns and name pulled me aside and told me she was sorry for getting my pronouns wrong in practice and that she didn’t know that I was a boy now….and then called me Tyler for the remainder of the weekend.
The injury count? Slightly sprained knee, continued to irritate my sprained rotator cuff and a minor concussion. Worth it.
Immature Special Olympics selfie waiting for Opening Ceremonies on Friday
Immature Special Olympics selfie waiting for Opening Ceremonies on Friday
Hawk's up for the medal rounds on Saturday
Hawk’s up for the medal rounds on Saturday

Update 2 – Endocrinology Follow Up

I had my first follow up with my endocrinologist since starting T. We did some follow-up bloodwork. My cholesterol is down again, which is awesome. My HDL is still pretty low, but there’s truthfully not much that can be done about that, it’s largely a genetic thing, so I blame my dad. But all told, I’m pretty healthy. My blood pressure was even back down to normal for me. I go back again in September and we’re probably going to increase my dose at that time.

Update 3 – Name and Gender Change

My court date is set for June 29 – next Monday. It’s so weird and so soon. After I get the official court order, I can take all the paperwork to the DMV and get my ID updated, then starts the legal name change with….literally everyone else. Priority one will be work and the bank.

Update 4 – Work

Speaking of work – I’ve been officially approved for a move up into management. I begin training basically ASAP, with plans to take over the position officially at the end of September. It’s really cool to be able to be out at work and not feel like it’s negatively impacted my ability to move up in the company. My boss informed me that “it’ll take some time” getting used to a gender change for me but she’ll do her best and one of our callers wished me a happy father’s day on Friday.

Update 5 – Family

I talked to my dad today to wish him a happy father’s day. He told me I sounded like Jason, my younger brother. Then my grandmother called… she also told me that I sounded like Jason. She then had a whole handful of “inappropriate” questions about my transition. It was an awesome feeling to know she’s trying to understand. She called me Chrissy, Christina and Tyler through the course of the conversation, but the truth is her attempts are impressive. She asked if I have a beard yet, how Melissa feels about it. She said she’d talked to my cousin (who is gay) about it and he said that he wouldn’t be able to stay with his boyfriend if he transitioned, so she was concerned Melissa would leave me. In all, it was probably the realest conversation I’ve had with her about anything in years. She’s still not coming to my wedding… I guess it’s not straight enough for her yet? Haha. I’m secretly pretty hurt about that, but I don’t think I’m really ever going to let myself feel that. At least not until after the wedding.

Update 6 – The Gym

The gym’s been going well – still not making as much as many strides as I’d like. It’s hard to keep in mind that changes take time since I had a few major changes with my abilities almost right away. I did my first pull up ever. My goal was to be able to do a pull up by the end of the summer and I accomplished that on the 13th. Now I need to update that goal. The locker room’s been – surprisingly normal. I get called bro or dude, but mostly guys just don’t talk in the locker room. I nearly blew my cover the other day – I dropped my ID. Thankfully it landed face down… close call because I was changing my pants when another guy tapped me on the shoulder and told me “you dropped your licence, bro”. It makes me even more anxious for the change.

I think that’s about it for now. I know I’m due for my monthly T update (I’m working on it!) and I’ll also be posting a blog from a friend soon. We did a collaborative piece about trans allyship that should be really interesting. Also, Melissa and I decided to make our own trail mix blends, so I wanted to share one with you guys. It was pretty interesting and unique and super tasty. We got all of our ingredients from Trader Joes and it makes about 22 200-calorie servings. 227 grams of raw cashews, 454 grams of honey-sesame coated cashews, 113 grams of dried mandarin oranges and 80 grams of uncrystalized candied ginger. It’s kind a sweet and spicy Asian-ish trail mix. Yum.

Anyhow, until next time,


Bonus Material:

Throwback to Danielle’s wedding, a year ago today. Holy cow I’ve lost a bunch of weight.

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