The Name Change Hokey Pokey

So as I’ve mentioned, I’ve finally finalized the government parts of my name change. I received my social security card in the mail yesterday and my new driver’s licence has been in my wallet a few days now. It got me to thinking about all of the places I need to change it, so I thought that I might share some knowledge and maybe save someone else the hassle of making their own list. Or at least give people a place to start. So here’s my, hopefully (for my own sake) comprehensive list of places that are going to need record of your name change. This is also mostly in order of importance.

  • The Bank – Seriously. This is step one. Because nothing will make you look sillier than having the cops called on you because your card says Christina and your ID says Tyler and swearing to the cashier that it’s the same person. This didn’t actually happen to me, but I did have a weird dream or two about it. Don’t let it happen to you. Sometimes they have to issue you a card with a new number – if this happens, be sure to update your credit card information with anyone who has your card for automatic payment purposes (my gym, for example)
  • Work – For pretty obvious reasons. Once your bank is changed, your paychecks will need to reflect your new name, too. Also for tax purposes.
  • Health Insurance Companies – Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription. Remember that these tend to be different companies here in the states. For example, I have Aetna for my medical coverage, but Aetna’s pharmacy benefits are processed by Optum, which is technically a subsidiary of United Healthcare. You also might be required to do this though HR at work (I know I am), so there’s another reason to make sure work gets done first.
  • Doctor’s offices and pharmacy – These may not be able to update your name in their records until the appropriate insurance segment updates your name for billing purposes. One of the ways insurance companies make sure your account isn’t accidentally charged for claims that aren’t yours is by verifying that the name that’s submitted matches the name in their records, but they should be able to update your preferred name until your insurance catches up. Don’t forget dentists, eye doctors and therapists as well – you know – doctors you might not see nearly as often.
  • Other Insurance Companies – Car, Renter’s, Boat, Home Owner, Etc. My car insurance required basically zero documentation to this effect. It was bizarre.
  • Loans – Car Loan, Student Loans, Medical Loans, Mortgage, Business Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards
  • Other Bills/Utilities – Cell Phone, Internet, Trash, Rent, Water, Electricity, the Gym
  • Other Random Stuff – Vehicle Registrations, Post Office Boxes.

Anyone else have anything to add that I might have missed? It’s always nice to have an extra set of eyes looking over my shoulder. Haha.

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12 thoughts on “The Name Change Hokey Pokey”

  1. One I thought of, especially for you younger folks, is colleges that you’ve attended so your transcripts and records all line up. I’m not sure I need to worry about it but I probably will give them a call. I’m interested in updating my diplomas and don’t know how that is done so a call to the alma mater is in order. Otherwise, it looked like a pretty complete list from what I can tell.

    1. I’m curious, since we’ve already had this discussion, what you’ve heard to sway you towards changing your birth certificate. Only asking for my own information so I can make an informed decision about it for myself. Thanks.

      1. Birth certificate… I am finding some jobs doing a full background check, if all legal docs don’t match name and gender it is a red flag. Likewise, recently I met someone who did contract work for the government. The Navy base he works at requires at every admission onto the base birth certificate and 2 other forms of id. Seems a bit overboard but here you have it. Again, I do not think it is necessary for everyone, but there are some circumstances where it will be needed/helpful.

      2. i see. I work for myself so have never come up against this but I can certainly see that being an issue. I’m considering doing it along with my gender marker just so everything lines up. Did you change your gender marker too?

      3. I have changed it on drivers license so far. Didn’t realize the SS had a marker too. Frustrating cuz I went to there window when applying for new card and asked about changing gender marker on drivers license. You think they woulda mentioned their gender marker. When I do the birth certificate, I will change gender. thank god I was born in California.

    2. And somehow we both forgot to mention professional licences! I have to maintain a national certification for work…I’m sure you have at least one of those, too. haha.

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