Friday’s From The Men’s Room: 12/18/2015


The Facetimer. Yes, this guy is legit facetiming someone about what work still needs to be wrapped up in the various construction jobs he has in progress. In the locker room. While he’s changing. Not sure if he realizes that a phone call will accomplish the same conversation without his friend having to watch him change.

Paranoid GymBro is going on about how he doesn’t like that the gym switched to a barcode scanner to verify your membership. Says soon they’ll start limiting our visits per month. Threatens to change gyms, but realizes nothing is cheaper. Dude he’s talking at grunts.


The gym was dead. There were a total of like 10 people in the entire gym. The only person I ran into in the locker room grunted awkwardly…at the urinal.


Beefy dude having trouble with his phone asked me for the time. 12:02. Got frustrated because he didn’t realize phones could unsync from the network and not receive the time.


For as busy as it was in the locker room today, it was bizarrely  silent. Literally no one talked.


More silence despite the business.


More silence. That guy hummed. Hypothesis – as we near new year’s we’re getting some of the people looking to get a start on their new Year’s Resolutions rather than regulars. These people are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the locker room. Of note, one of the meat head regulars changes in the toilet stall – I’ve never been in the locker room with him at the same time, so I never realized that. He is, as far as I can tell, a cig-gender dude. So don’t worry so hard about using the changing rooms.


Big dude taking about the fact that he can’t drink anymore. One of the other regulars asks, “why? Liver problems?”

“No…everytime I drink, I end up on an episode of cops.”

“Ahh you’re one of those.”

“No seriously…this one time in New Mexico”

Two other guys come and work out before work almost everyday. The younger, more fit guy is telling his buddy not to give up that results take time and consistency and that he’s been consistent so let time take over. All in all, not what most people think of when they think of men’s locker rooms.

Until next week, happy lifting


3 thoughts on “Friday’s From The Men’s Room: 12/18/2015”

  1. My gym (NYSC) has signs all over the locker-rooms “NO CELL PHONES IN LOCKER ROOM” I think to keep people from taking naked photos. I like the Facetimer…no common sense.

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