Fridays from the Men’s Room: 01/08/2016

Monday – Skipped the gym today, but a little snippet from the break room at work today. Two guys talking about whether or not Carrie Fisher aged well: “Men look venerable. Women look old.” I put this here because I can’t help but feel like this wouldn’t have been said around a woman.

For the record…Carrie Fisher looks gorgeous, not that she needs my permission or approval.

Tuesday – Chock full of newbies, but not as busy as I had braced myself for.

Maybe this has something to do with the slow day.

There were a few wild-eyed newbies scampering in and out of the locker room and I suddenly realized what I must have looked my when I first started going into the men’s room. I suddenly realized that to them, I was probably the same guy that I was afraid of for the first time I walked in: that muscle-y meat head that comes here all the time. Granted, scared for different reasons, but still.

The only thing of note conversation-wise was the guy loudly singing Gwen Stefani in a ball-crushing falsetto.


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