Fridays from the Men’s Room: 01/15/2016

Monday – Dead quiet today. Lots of newbies scrambling about, misusing equipment, but mostly quiet.

Tuesday – There’s a guy here that looks like Gru wearing a hoodie pulled down over his eyes a la Assassin’s Creed. Just his long pointy Gru nose sticking out. A regular in the locker room complained that all these new people were using all the lockers. It’s true – the only one left was broken. There was also a guy that was in the locker next to me. Rather than indicating that he was waiting for me to move, he stood and stared at me until I was done. Men would seriously rather stare at you until you move than say excuse me. Prepare yourself for this.

Thursday – Another quiet day with some more complaining by the regulars about the lack of lockers available. Pretty sure I sprained my pectoral muscle.

Friday – Half the locker room, myself included, got into a heated debate about how Russel Wilson never should have thrown the football on the 1 yard line to lose last year’s Super Bowl. Verdict is Marshawn Lynch should have carried it, but we also decided that everyone but Pete Carroll knew that.


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