Fridays from the Men’s Room: 02/12/2016

Monday – It was eerily silent in the locker room. It took me a few minutes to realize that it’s because the speakers in the entire gym weren’t working, so no singing today. A couple older guys joked about how they wished they’d started getting into shape earlier so they could just be “coasting” at this point.

Tuesday – I was there way earlier than usual today because of meetings at work. A couple of guys joked about the snow we’re getting (yes…more), and one guy chatted to his girlfriend on the toilet. I know it was his girlfriend because he had her on speaker phone….while using the toilet. Mutlitasking?

Thursday – Lot of complaining about the overly damp, freshly mopped floor. One guy asked me “brah…did somebody piss in here?” “Naw…just mopped…like 3 seconds ago”

Friday – Super busy this morning. More complaints about the lack of lockers, but mostly just some small talk and such.


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