Is Retroactive Dysphoria a Thing?

It’s been a few days since top surgery and I’m finally starting to feel mentally a little more like myself. I’m through the worst of it and, truthfully, if I’d known the recovery process would be this easy, I probably would have considered this step a lot sooner. Truth be told, I’ve definitely had an easy go of it. But I wanted to retell my experiences so far.

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Just a Quick Post-Op Check In

Just wanted to check in real quick. I had top surgery yesterday. Been feeling pretty good. I haven’t had to take any if my pain meds so far and the worst of the post-anesthesia nausea was quelled by a massive IV push of Zofran before they unhooked me.

The worst so far has been the sore throat from the tube and the fact that I can’t take off this horrific binder and shower like a human being.


But on the plus side, I don’t look like this.


So that’s a plus.

Thanks for all the well wishes and I’ll check in soon.


Fridays from the Men’s Room – 03/11/2016

Monday – Another late night session. We went from snow last week to 50 degree nights. It’s beautiful. outside, so there was basically no one in the gym, even at 9:30pm.

Tuesday – Back to the morning routine. A 9:30pm to 11:00pm session, immediately followed by a 8:30am to 10:30am session starts feeling like 2-a-days really fast. While getting ready I suddenly realized that this is my last week worrying about my bra falling out my my bag. My last week worrying about my binder and struggling with pulling it down after a particularly demanding tricep routine (like this morning). It’s a bizarre feeling. As far as locker room interactions: someone was whistling beautifully in the shower. Couldn’t identify the song, but it was amazing.

Thursday – Remember one time I complained about being noticed in the women’s room? Today as I was finishing up getting dressed, one of the regulars walks up to me and introduces himself. He asked me about one of the exercises I was doing.  It seems that remaining anonymous in the gym isn’t much of an option. Overall though, he was friendly. We joked about people doing weird exercises in the gym and went our separate ways.

Friday – Today was a bittersweet sort of work out. Kinda felt like a dead man walking. Today was my last real work out for at least a month because I have surgery Monday. It was kind of surreal as I finished up my shower it really set in that this was my last time worrying about certain things in the gym. On that note, I also have to put this series on hiatus for a bit, since I’ll be out of the gym for a bit. Wish me luck Monday.

Fridays from the Men’s Room – 03/04/2016

Monday – I went in at night again and started a…. vigorous…. new routine. And promptly tweaked my knee a smidge. But overall it was a pretty quiet night. Not a lot of people in the locker room or crowding the smith machines like is typical at this hour. The girl that usually works mornings was there. “Getting it in late today, huh?” It seems I’ve truly become a regular.

Tuesday – Another late night session. When I arrived, two guys were in the corner when I got there.”Dude I crushed those deadlifts.” When I went to leave after my work out, the same two guys were back in the locker room….not still…back. “dude…I crushed that bench press, too”.

Thursday – Back to the morning routine. The new routine I’m doing is killing the a good way. A couple of the older regulars were talking about how the gym’s been less crowded in the mornings lately. Then we complained about more snow. In March. In the Mid-Atlantic. Meh.

Friday – Snowy mornings mean dead quiet locker rooms. On the plus side, I don’t have to fight for space in the free weight area. On the down side, it means a boring update.