Fridays from the Men’s Room – 03/04/2016

Monday – I went in at night again and started a…. vigorous…. new routine. And promptly tweaked my knee a smidge. But overall it was a pretty quiet night. Not a lot of people in the locker room or crowding the smith machines like is typical at this hour. The girl that usually works mornings was there. “Getting it in late today, huh?” It seems I’ve truly become a regular.

Tuesday – Another late night session. When I arrived, two guys were in the corner when I got there.”Dude I crushed those deadlifts.” When I went to leave after my work out, the same two guys were back in the locker room….not still…back. “dude…I crushed that bench press, too”.

Thursday – Back to the morning routine. The new routine I’m doing is killing the a good way. A couple of the older regulars were talking about how the gym’s been less crowded in the mornings lately. Then we complained about more snow. In March. In the Mid-Atlantic. Meh.

Friday – Snowy mornings mean dead quiet locker rooms. On the plus side, I don’t have to fight for space in the free weight area. On the down side, it means a boring update.


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