A Little Rant

I just need to rant a little. I haven’t decided if I’ll be posting this on my Facebook or not, but I need to get it off of my chest somewhere. It’s drafted as though it’s been posted to Facebook, and it might be later. I’ll decide later. So be forewarned: if you don’t want to hear my political rant….don’t finish reading this.

I’ve been trying to avoid talking politics on Facebook. Been chatting about it on a number of other platforms quietly fighting against the things that I see as wrong and donating when and where I can to work against the damage…but for the sake of family I’ve been avoiding it here.
And where I care about the Muslims, the Natives, Black Americans, Police and more…sometimes it takes knowing someone that’s affected by the changes going on to realize the depth of the problem. So for the people I know that don’t care yet, take a look at this:
This order will make it legal for just about any institution to deny me whatever they want JUST because I’m trans. If I’m in a car accident, an ambulance can refuse to take me to a hospital. If I go to the hospital, they can refuse me life-saving care – because I’m trans. I can be fired. A company can refuse to sell me a car. Groceries. Medication. 
I can be refused adoption rights. Barred from bathrooms and the care packages I sent out for the holidays can be turned away if someone decides they don’t “believe” if my lifestyle. And even if I am treated at a hospital, they can choose to deny my wife access to me. 
And all because I’m trans. So for those of you that told me there’s nothing for me to worry about…for those of you that told me I was safe…that he wasn’t coming for MY rights….it’s time for you to wake up. To realize I’m not safe. No one is safe. 
To all of my divorcees: you can be denied any of that if the person you’re dealing with decides that divorce is something they don’t believe in. Had premarital sex? Abortion? Gay? Living with a significant other out of wedlock? Jewish? Muslim? Buddhist? Atheist? Tattoos? Yeah…all of you, too. If it’s “forbidden” in a religious text, believers of that text now have the RIGHT to deny you service, even if that service is life-saving medical care.
Call your congressmen. Donate to the ACLU. It’s time for you to put your money where your mouth is…pony up, fight back on my, and everyone else’s behalf…or remove yourself from my life.

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