Here We Go With That Label Complaint Again…

Have I mentioned lately that I hate labels? I have? Good. I’m going to do it again.

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Family Tradition and Passing at the Gym

So I’ve never actually been part of a family tradition. My family really isn’t that close-knit, do it for the sake of doing it type. That’s not to say we’re not close; my family would do just about anything for one another, but we’re the do our own things, mostly with each other, type of family. I love it. I’m an independent type and would probably get pretty annoyed with a needy family that constantly had some obligation for me to fulfill. Continue reading Family Tradition and Passing at the Gym

I’m Not Alone, and Neither are You

Thanksgiving is coming a little early for me today….

So I went into this whole blogging thing a little naive. I knew there was a pretty active gay community online. I assumed this had to extend to the trans community as well. I haven’t told anyone about my blog, not because I don’t think they’d be supportive, but because I felt like i needed a space to think out loud, find people like me, and figure out who and what I am on my own terms.

So after a few posts, and a few followers, and some serious digging through blogs last night, I had the fantastic realization that there are way more people than just me that struggled with, are struggling with, or have worked through this weird place that I’m in right now. Most striking to me was the realization that there are others who don’t want to be female, but aren’t totally sold on being male either.

It’s nice to feel like I’ve finally found a place to work through my issues a little and even better to know that I’m not totally alone. So for those of you who’ve shared pieces of your life for total strangers to read on the Internet, thanks. For what it’s worth, you’ve made this stranger feel a whole lot less strange.

Until next time,

Step One: A Weight off my Shoulders

So if you read the about page, you noticed several references to me being a long-haired girl. I’ve had long hair as far back as I can remember, save a small incident before picture day junior year of high school. And I mean LONG hair, like down to the small of my back.

It’s always been fairly thin and goes up into a bun or short pony tail well and most people didn’t even realize how long my hair was. That pony tail would hide well under a hat, or nuzzle itself into the hood of a hoodie and even with long hair, I would occasionally be mistaken for a boy. For the record, I’m 6’0″ tall, 218lbs. I’m physically built like a boy. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, huge hands.

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