15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery

It’s hard to remember that’s its only been just over 2 months since my top surgery and that my progress is still an ongoing thing. It’s much easier to look at the pictures online of guys who’ve had years of recovery since their surgeries and wonder when mine will start to look “normal”. Continue reading 15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery


Time Flies

So this week marks a year since I gave myself my first shot. The 25th to be exact.

I feel like the racing thoughts in my head that usually keep themselves to a pleasant buzz have piped up to an inescapable cacophony. It’s rather unpleasant. I feel like the side of my brain that usually keeps all of that in check just took the week off and didn’t tell me. The methodical, calculating side can’t keep up with the damn-near manic output of the reactive side and my usual patience seems basically gone.

Today I Learned to Poke Needles into my Leg

So to commemorate my experience, I thought I’d share some pictures of me through the years. Continue reading Time Flies

Weekend Adventures, Casual Sexism and Boobs

Melissa and I have a bit of a tradition. Instead of getting out nieces and nephews some gift that they’ll break, misplace or outgrow for Christmas, we take them somewhere every year. They told us this year that it’s become something that they look forward to each year and that they always wonder where we’ll go next. It’s a big group of kids, so we do two separate trips, one for the older kids (17, 14, 13, and 11) and one for the younger kids (6, and three 4 year olds).

Continue reading Weekend Adventures, Casual Sexism and Boobs

Requisite Christmas Scrooging and Whining

So in my experience there are two types of people around this time of the year: People like Melissa who love the holidays – these people drank the proverbial Kool Aid (or eggnog, I guess) and they’re all about Christmas from Black Friday til New Year’s Day.

Then there’s people like me – I hate everything between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I am admittedly a bit of a Scrooge.

It has a lot to do with my family, though not in the way that many trans* people have to worry about. I know a lot of us see the holidays as a time we’re forced to spend time with a family that doesn’t respect us, our pronouns, our lifestyles or our choices. For me, it’s not about that. The little bit of family that I have left in my life has been wonderfully supportive and respectful, even if they don’t agree with my decisions, and I truly can’t ask for more than that.  Continue reading Requisite Christmas Scrooging and Whining

One Rough Week Down…

I haven’t written a while. My work schedule changed again and I’m still readjusting… and of course with a new work schedule comes a new gym routine. And with a new gym routine comes a 4-car accident on I-95…. yep. I was that guy. So now everything is all out of whack and Melissa and I are short a car and working opposite schedules. We’ll make due though, it just makes everything weird. Good news is, I’m ok and the car will survive, too. I never really realized how emotionally attached to my car I am until this. I bought ‘Bru just out of college and he’ll be paid off in just a few months. I’ve put a mess of miles on him and he’s reliably taken me everywhere from Jacksonville to Boston. He handled the 18-wheeler tire on I95 wonderfully, drove through more tornadoes and blizzards than either of us should be driving in. I’m supposed to have him back by the 5th, so here’s hoping. Continue reading One Rough Week Down…

Kids are Weird

I love kids. I’m basically a kid magnet. I’ve had strangers’ kids literally snuggle me in the ball park where Melissa and I play softball. I’ve also mentioned before that I have a LOT of kids in my life, ranging from 16 to 1 in various stages of related or not related, but claiming me as theirs. I feel like this transition has been weirdest for them. Most people have known me as Christina or Chrissy for some increment of years. For the kids, I’ve been Aunt Sissy for literally their entire lives, so they’re having some trouble with it. Continue reading Kids are Weird

New Year’s Resolutions

So I know I’d mentioned before that my goal was to be officially out (except at work) by New Year’s. Good news – Mission accomplished. The big surprise, no one flipped out. Everyone is really trying to be super supportive and actually trying very hard to call me Tyler and to use the correct pronouns – even my friends’ parents. My dad was a little upset, but still said he loved me and supported me no matter what and that he and his wife want me to be happy, so that was really refreshing. Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions