Fridays from the Men’s Room – 03/04/2016

Monday – I went in at night again and started a…. vigorous…. new routine. And promptly tweaked my knee a smidge. But overall it was a pretty quiet night. Not a lot of people in the locker room or crowding the smith machines like is typical at this hour. The girl that usually works mornings was there. “Getting it in late today, huh?” It seems I’ve truly become a regular.

Tuesday – Another late night session. When I arrived, two guys were in the corner when I got there.”Dude I crushed those deadlifts.” When I went to leave after my work out, the same two guys were back in the locker room….not still…back. “dude…I crushed that bench press, too”.

Thursday – Back to the morning routine. The new routine I’m doing is killing the a good way. A couple of the older regulars were talking about how the gym’s been less crowded in the mornings lately. Then we complained about more snow. In March. In the Mid-Atlantic. Meh.

Friday – Snowy mornings mean dead quiet locker rooms. On the plus side, I don’t have to fight for space in the free weight area. On the down side, it means a boring update.


Fridays from the Men’s Room – 02/26/2016

Monday – I forgot how much I hate coming at night. It’s not a motivation thing like it is for some people; it’s busier than hell in here at night. And it’s all the kind of people that you’d expect to be around at night… Huge dudes in hypoxic training masks, grunting and dropping stacks. Even now it makes me feel on edge on the locker room.

Tuesday – It was busy again. One guy ran into one of his buddies that he hasn’t seen since highschool. They spoke loudly about basketball and eventually exchanged numbers.

Friday – Back to my normal time. A couple of the regular complained that there’s still too many New Years Resolutioners. I agreed. We all laughed.

Fridays from the Men’s Room – 02/19/2016

Monday – It was busy for a Monday and as I started to leave, they were out of lockers again. I let one guy know I was going to be out of mine in a second. A couple guys in the corner talked about how one of them hadn’t been in 4 months and he was worried about tearing something.

Tuesday – The miserable weather usually keeps people out of the gym – this morning was no exception. The torrential downpour outside kept the crowds down and the majority of the talk in the locker room was about not getting washed away.

Thursday – I think I might’ve accidentally been “that guy” at the gym today. I was running on the treadmill – intervals so fast then slow. And some guy on one of the treadmills in front of me just kinda looked at me and went to a treadmill on the other side of the gym. o_O I’ve never been the intimidating guy at the gym.

Friday – I had to turn in a short work out today because I’m an idiot and left my dress shirt at home, so I had to either go buy a new one before work or go back home and get it. An Indian man in the locker room was talking business on his phone. Another guy asked him if he ever had any fun and he said in his hilariously thick accent “Everyday fun! Everyday Valentine’s Day! Everyday Christmas! Everyday everything!”

Haha. Happy Friday!

Fridays from the Men’s Room: 02/12/2016

Monday – It was eerily silent in the locker room. It took me a few minutes to realize that it’s because the speakers in the entire gym weren’t working, so no singing today. A couple older guys joked about how they wished they’d started getting into shape earlier so they could just be “coasting” at this point.

Tuesday – I was there way earlier than usual today because of meetings at work. A couple of guys joked about the snow we’re getting (yes…more), and one guy chatted to his girlfriend on the toilet. I know it was his girlfriend because he had her on speaker phone….while using the toilet. Mutlitasking?

Thursday – Lot of complaining about the overly damp, freshly mopped floor. One guy asked me “brah…did somebody piss in here?” “Naw…just mopped…like 3 seconds ago”

Friday – Super busy this morning. More complaints about the lack of lockers, but mostly just some small talk and such.

Fridays from the Men’s Room: 02/05/2016

Monday – Quiet in here today. Not sure why… Maybe the New Years Resolutioners are dropping off early. It’s usually mid to late February before I see this drop off.

Tuesday – More singing. Also some conversation about what people do before the gym. The older Cuban guy whose locker always reeks of mothballs has been coming later because he hates waking up before the sun rises (this guys has been at the gym at the same time since the summer…).

Thursday – Holy bad day, batman. I woke up in the dead of the night to a charlie horse to beat hell in my right calf. Not being one to let that keep me down, I went to the gym this morning, sore leg and all, to try to work it out. That part was mostly successful. But when I got out of the shower, literally all I could see was BOOBS. I don’t think I’ve had a real panic-inducing bout of dysphoria since I’ve really started transitioning. A few moments of feeling blah about my body, sure, but nothing quite like that. Nothing much as far as people today, which is probably a good thing.

Friday – I had an interview at work this morning (oh the joys of management). The buzz about the locker room this morning was that the showers were running cold water. This is NOT incorrect. I had a miserable shower.

Fridays from the Men’s Room: 01/15/2016

Monday – Dead quiet today. Lots of newbies scrambling about, misusing equipment, but mostly quiet.

Tuesday – There’s a guy here that looks like Gru wearing a hoodie pulled down over his eyes a la Assassin’s Creed. Just his long pointy Gru nose sticking out. A regular in the locker room complained that all these new people were using all the lockers. It’s true – the only one left was broken. There was also a guy that was in the locker next to me. Rather than indicating that he was waiting for me to move, he stood and stared at me until I was done. Men would seriously rather stare at you until you move than say excuse me. Prepare yourself for this.

Thursday – Another quiet day with some more complaining by the regulars about the lack of lockers available. Pretty sure I sprained my pectoral muscle.

Friday – Half the locker room, myself included, got into a heated debate about how Russel Wilson never should have thrown the football on the 1 yard line to lose last year’s Super Bowl. Verdict is Marshawn Lynch should have carried it, but we also decided that everyone but Pete Carroll knew that.