It’s Pride Month, So I’m finally getting around to posting your AMA questions

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I know everyone’s probably thinking: what’s Tyler been up to and where’s his update to the AMA for TDOV? Ok – no one’s been thinking any of that. So part of my new year’s resolution this year was to find more ways to be more visible and to help my community and as part of doing so, I’ve been a little less present here. I’ve joined the board of directors for Point of Pride, which as been everything I hoped for and more.

But I did want to circle back to some of the questions I got on TDOV, my answers and whatnot, some of which produced some interesting and thought-provoking chatter on my Facebook and gave me a bit to continue to think about in the future.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance/Resilience

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance…and for the first time I’m seeing a lot of people referring to it as Transgender Day of Resilience.

I’m not really sure quite what to say about it today. I feel like today, more than ever before, the resilience is the most important aspect to keep in mind.

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15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery

It’s hard to remember that’s its only been just over 2 months since my top surgery and that my progress is still an ongoing thing. It’s much easier to look at the pictures online of guys who’ve had years of recovery since their surgeries and wonder when mine will start to look “normal”. Continue reading 15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery

My Two Cents on the Bathroom Debate

I feel like I’ve started 100 posts about this lately and nothing seems to quite say what I want to say. But I’m going to commit myself to this one, for better or worse. I know people are probably interested in updates about my top surgery, or my transition, and I’ll get to those. I just feel like I need to get my two cents about this whole bathroom argument out, speak my peace and move on.

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Three Weeks Since Top Surgery

Today marks just over 3 weeks since top surgery. I had the sutures and drains out after about a week. I was having some issues with fluid build up in the right side, which isn’t dangerous from a health stand point, but definitely detrimental from a results stand point. In total, Dr. Leis drained about 100mL of fluid from the right side over about a week. Eventually he injected the right side with a really potent steroid and swished it around and drained it to help discourage the swelling and that seems to have done the trick.

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Fridays from the Men’s Room – 03/04/2016

Monday – I went in at night again and started a…. vigorous…. new routine. And promptly tweaked my knee a smidge. But overall it was a pretty quiet night. Not a lot of people in the locker room or crowding the smith machines like is typical at this hour. The girl that usually works mornings was there. “Getting it in late today, huh?” It seems I’ve truly become a regular.

Tuesday – Another late night session. When I arrived, two guys were in the corner when I got there.”Dude I crushed those deadlifts.” When I went to leave after my work out, the same two guys were back in the locker room….not still…back. “dude…I crushed that bench press, too”.

Thursday – Back to the morning routine. The new routine I’m doing is killing the a good way. A couple of the older regulars were talking about how the gym’s been less crowded in the mornings lately. Then we complained about more snow. In March. In the Mid-Atlantic. Meh.

Friday – Snowy mornings mean dead quiet locker rooms. On the plus side, I don’t have to fight for space in the free weight area. On the down side, it means a boring update.

Fridays from the Men’s Room – 02/26/2016

Monday – I forgot how much I hate coming at night. It’s not a motivation thing like it is for some people; it’s busier than hell in here at night. And it’s all the kind of people that you’d expect to be around at night… Huge dudes in hypoxic training masks, grunting and dropping stacks. Even now it makes me feel on edge on the locker room.

Tuesday – It was busy again. One guy ran into one of his buddies that he hasn’t seen since highschool. They spoke loudly about basketball and eventually exchanged numbers.

Friday – Back to my normal time. A couple of the regular complained that there’s still too many New Years Resolutioners. I agreed. We all laughed.