It’s Pride Month, So I’m finally getting around to posting your AMA questions

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I know everyone’s probably thinking: what’s Tyler been up to and where’s his update to the AMA for TDOV? Ok – no one’s been thinking any of that. So part of my new year’s resolution this year was to find more ways to be more visible and to help my community and as part of doing so, I’ve been a little less present here. I’ve joined the board of directors for Point of Pride, which as been everything I hoped for and more.

But I did want to circle back to some of the questions I got on TDOV, my answers and whatnot, some of which produced some interesting and thought-provoking chatter on my Facebook and gave me a bit to continue to think about in the future.

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15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery

It’s hard to remember that’s its only been just over 2 months since my top surgery and that my progress is still an ongoing thing. It’s much easier to look at the pictures online of guys who’ve had years of recovery since their surgeries and wonder when mine will start to look “normal”. Continue reading 15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery

My Two Cents on the Bathroom Debate

I feel like I’ve started 100 posts about this lately and nothing seems to quite say what I want to say. But I’m going to commit myself to this one, for better or worse. I know people are probably interested in updates about my top surgery, or my transition, and I’ll get to those. I just feel like I need to get my two cents about this whole bathroom argument out, speak my peace and move on.

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Pink-Tinted Glasses

So last time in therapy I was asked to do a little homework for next session: write about how Tyler feels looking at the world though Christina’s eyes, and failing that, introduce Tyler. I spend a little time moping and whining about this and then finally set my feet and got to work. I wasn’t moping or whining because I didn’t want to do it, but rather because Tyler and Christina are not distinct people or personalities. I’ve searched for years for the crevice between the two, hoping to find “Tyler” and hide him away forever and finally rid myself of these insecurities for good. The problem is, I’m not two people trapped in one body. The issue is that I’m one person, trapped in the wrong body. Tyler is not some presence trapped away inside of me, watching me live my life. He is me. And I’ve been living my life though my own eyes for…ehhh…almost 28 years. Continue reading Pink-Tinted Glasses

I am Tyler, Hear me Roar

I don’t get political or outspoken much. I don’t really care for “sticking it to the man” and until recently, I haven’t really felt like activism or even rally-crying is my place. But after years of thinking and searching my soul, I’m finally starting to figure out my place it the world. And now it’s time to step up and take it…

We hear it all the time. “Just because I’m trans doesn’t mean it’s my responsibility to educate society about transgender life.” You can swap out trans for any number of issues – homosexuality, mental illness or even safe sex. Continue reading I am Tyler, Hear me Roar