15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery

It’s hard to remember that’s its only been just over 2 months since my top surgery and that my progress is still an ongoing thing. It’s much easier to look at the pictures online of guys who’ve had years of recovery since their surgeries and wonder when mine will start to look “normal”. Continue reading 15 Months on T, 2 Months Since Top Surgery


Three Weeks Since Top Surgery

Today marks just over 3 weeks since top surgery. I had the sutures and drains out after about a week. I was having some issues with fluid build up in the right side, which isn’t dangerous from a health stand point, but definitely detrimental from a results stand point. In total, Dr. Leis drained about 100mL of fluid from the right side over about a week. Eventually he injected the right side with a really potent steroid and swished it around and drained it to help discourage the swelling and that seems to have done the trick.

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Time Flies

So this week marks a year since I gave myself my first shot. The 25th to be exact.

I feel like the racing thoughts in my head that usually keep themselves to a pleasant buzz have piped up to an inescapable cacophony. It’s rather unpleasant. I feel like the side of my brain that usually keeps all of that in check just took the week off and didn’t tell me. The methodical, calculating side can’t keep up with the damn-near manic output of the reactive side and my usual patience seems basically gone.

Today I Learned to Poke Needles into my Leg

So to commemorate my experience, I thought I’d share some pictures of me through the years. Continue reading Time Flies

Top Surgery Consult 2

Yesterday I had a second top surgery consult with Dr. Sherman Leis. His office is in a nice area on the outskirts of Philadelphia. I’d already consulted with Dr. Rumer, also out of Philadelphia.

My first impression was that the office felt home-y. Dr. Rumer’s office felt like something out of an Asimov novel – very sleek and futuristic – ultimately I felt like I might be a bit of a science experiment.

The office staff was friendly and helpful enough, they didn’t go out of the way to make me feel “welcome”, but I wasn’t really there for a customer service effort.

Dr. Leis had separate rooms for the consultation and the exam – which is really helpful if being in doctor’s offices makes you clam up. It was really nice just to sit across the desk from him and talk about what I wanted.

He came off a little standoffish at first – just sort of started asking demographic pertinents.





Eh… you could stand to lose about 20lb.

Ok, so a lot standoffish – after looking at me closer in the examination portion of the morning, he admitted that he was mistaken and I didn’t need to lose weight.

He talked about the types of surgery available, the differences in scarring and recovery time in each and what, based on looking at me fully clothed, he was hoping to be able to do for me. Then came time for the exam.

We went into another room that actually resembled a doctor’s office rather than a smoking room. He looked at my chest and confirmed that he be able to to what he called a “lollipop” cut – basically similar to the peri-areolar, but with an extra cut to remove some extra tissue. He did touch – something Dr. Rumer didn’t do. I was glad he did. Dr. Rumer unceremoniously declared I’d need the double incision and instructed me to put my shirt back on . Dr. Leis, while more “invasive” physically, also accounted for the fact that I have pectoral muscles that make my cup size bigger, but obviously won’t need to come out during top surgery.

I got dressed again and we wen’t back to his consultation room to discuss my specifics now. How much time off T? He usually prefers that I’d be off for 1 week before and 1 week after, so depending on where it falls in my injection schedule, I’ll miss 1-2 shots. How long out of work? 7-10 days, since I have a desk job. How long out of the gym? 2-3 weeks, depending on pain, inflammation and my own tolerance. (Dr. Rumer told me 4-6 weeks minimum). It would be a 4-hour long out patient procedure and I could go home after, with follow up 1 week later to remove the drains and then after a few weeks, months and at 1 year – just to monitor it. Overall, fewer follow ups than Dr. Rumer as well.

His office will “negotiate” with my insurance, since it is a covered procedure. So…I set a date.

I have a pre-op check on 01/26/2016. I have to get my pre-op bloodwork done in late February. And I have surgery scheduled for 03/14/2016 or 03/15/2016 (there’s a question on a surgery he may already have scheduled, so they’re going to give me the earliest date they can).

I feel like at this point I’m just kind of counting down. My chest will be healed in time for summer, so I’ll be able to take my shirt off outside.

I don’t think any of it has really set in just yet – but it’s just under 3 months away now. Melissa keeps joking that I should burn my binder when I’m done, but I’ll probably donate it so some other guy can get some use out of it.

That’s all for now,