This Trans* Guy’s Trip to the ER

So I’ve been AWOL for a while. I got married on the 13th and then Melissa and I went to Alaska for a week and then it was right back to the day-to-day and trying to move into our own apartment all at the same time. Needless to say, it’s been a hectic few weeks for me.
Oh and right…there’s the emergency room.
Last Wednesday¬†(the 23rd) started out normal enough. I woke up, went to the gym and came to work. About half way though my work day I started having a sharp pain right about….

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One Month T Update – Pictures & Thoughts

Sometimes I spend so much time making progress and then backtracking that I feel like I’m dancing instead of walking in a straight line.

So as I’d mentioned before, I’ve told my manager that I’m trans. Several of my coworkers also know… most of them in fact, by default of them being friends with me on Facebook. Today my team lead (fancy corporate talk for supervisor) asked my in front of one of my coworkers if I mided that she called my X-tina, because Christina was too much to type out most times. Before I could really say anything my coworker said “call her Tyler!” This secretly delighted my quite a bit, like the time my niece called me Aunt Tyler. They’re trying, right? I think it’s funny how the name change seems to be coming a lot easier to some people than the pronouns. Continue reading One Month T Update – Pictures & Thoughts

Updates and Whatnot

So Wednesday, I’ll be giving myself my second shot, so I felt like now would be a good time to share a few things:

First, no one mentions just how quick that first shot gets you. I took my first shot at 8am Wednesday and by 8pm, my throat had started to feel scratchy. It’s winter-time in the mid Atlantic and my job is LITERALLY talking on the phone for 8 hours a day. I chalked it up to one, or both, of those. The difference with this scratch is that nothing could make it feel better. Hot tea, cough drops, nothing. When I had my therapy appointment Thursday morning, her first reaction to this was “Wait… you didn’t realize it would start that fast!?” Aside from the initial scratchiness, which has largely subsided at this point, I haven’t noticed any other major changes. Continue reading Updates and Whatnot

Kids are Weird

I love kids. I’m basically a kid magnet. I’ve had strangers’ kids literally snuggle me in the ball park where Melissa and I play softball. I’ve also mentioned before that I have a LOT of kids in my life, ranging from 16 to 1 in various stages of related or not related, but claiming me as theirs. I feel like this transition has been weirdest for them. Most people have known me as Christina or Chrissy for some increment of years. For the kids, I’ve been Aunt Sissy for literally their entire lives, so they’re having some trouble with it. Continue reading Kids are Weird

Family Tradition and Passing at the Gym

So I’ve never actually been part of a family tradition. My family really isn’t that close-knit, do it for the sake of doing it type. That’s not to say we’re not close; my family would do just about anything for one another, but we’re the do our own things, mostly with each other, type of family. I love it. I’m an independent type and would probably get pretty annoyed with a needy family that constantly had some obligation for me to fulfill. Continue reading Family Tradition and Passing at the Gym

Updates: Coming Home and Coming Out

So I made it home from Florida. Lame. Well, lame that I’m home, not lame that I made it. My nephew is officially adorable. He’s two now, walking and talking and potty training and catching balls like a rockstar. And he thinks I’m awesome. But I digress.

I didn’t really talk to my younger brother explicitly about everything, but like I said before, my fiancee talked to my sister-in-law. I didn’t really feel like I needed to talk to him about it specifically. Fiancee also talked to her family – we decided it was more her place than mine to talk to them. She told her mom that she wanted to talk to her about something serious. Her mom’s first reaction? “Are you pregnant!?” But apparently, after the initial pregnancy excitement, she was quite accepting, as were the fiancee’s sisters. That’s exciting. They offered to buy me a binder for Christmas, which I politely declined as it felt a little too like receiving underwear from your in-laws. But I did appreciate the gesture. They said they were trying to be “supportive” – bad pun intended. Oof. Continue reading Updates: Coming Home and Coming Out