Ten Years is a Long Time

I feel like I have so many major changes (not all transition-related, so feel free to tune out if you’re not interested in hearing about my day-to-day life) that I haven’t managed to get to yet. I’m not even sure where or how to start.

Well, first – two weeks til the wedding!

It’s all coming together so fast now… it’s just a lot of tying together loose ends at this point and paying off the vendors. Then, we’re off to Alaska for a few days to relax and drink beer! The wedding has, naturally, not been totally free of wedding-related family drama, which I may get into in detail one day on here, but today is not that day.

Melissa and I have found our own place – a small apartment not far from where we’re currently living. Our roommates have recently announced that they’re pregnant and have asked us to be out by the end of October so they can start setting up for the baby. They gave us plenty of notice – we were told way before the public announcement, but have been keeping it a secret because that’s not our business to talk about. But we’ve found an apartment for cheap that’ll give us time to save up for the end goal: a house of our own.

My therapist has decided that I don’t really need therapy anymore. I guess she’s now satisfied that I have myself and my life figured out and know how to get where I’m going. It’s bizarre and refreshing to have someone else’s validation that I’m not crazy for going down this path.

The real highlight of this post is probably my return to my hometown for my 10 year high school reunion. Now to be fair, I go back to my hometown fairly frequently – my brother and sister in law and my grandmother live there and my dad’s only about 15 minutes away. But this is the first time since probably 2008 or so that I’ve intentionally seen anyone from high school. With only a few exception, I’ve had very little interaction with my high school friends since high school graduation, and even fewer since college graduation and all of us starting real lives. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either. We’ve all grown up and are living lives. Many of us are married, or close to it. Several of us have kids or step kids and so many of us have moved a long way away. One or two people reached out to me after I came out on Facebook to support me, but mostly no one has said anything. I didn’t really expect them to; I was always kind of a self-imposed loner in high school. I hung out with lot of people, got along peripherally in a lot of groups, but I never felt really attached to any one person or group of people. Looking back now as an adult, I was depressed, but it didn’t seem like it at the time – I was just another teenager and the growing pains were manageable for the most part. But anyhow, I digress – the reunion. It ended up being about 30-40 of us total and, wouldn’t you know, we all sat in the same groups that we did in high school. The popular kids tables, the burn outs, the band/honors kids. There we were, sitting around listening to too-loud music trying to make small talk and drinking Miller Lite (ick….who even thinks of that as beer?). It got less awkward after time, but I’m a pretty terrible small talker. The DJ was playing all of the songs that were popular in the late 90’s-early 2000’s. Then, toward the end of the night, Melissa and I were talking about heading out and I see someone approaching me out of the corner of my eye. I was bullied enough in high school that I never really let my guard down. It’s one of the popular kids. You have to understand that in my tiny, population 6000 people, back woods small town, the popular kids are also usually your stereotypical rednecks.

Things like this wouldn’t surprise me in my home town…

But anyhow, I digress again. This guy walks up to me and he seemed pretty drunk. I just kind of braced myself physically and emotionally for the worst – he and his friends weren’t always the kindest to me in high school. He slaps me on the shoulder and says loudly and awkwardly “Hey man…look I know I knew you as Christina…” then he looks at Melissa and slurs out “I’ve known him a long time…” and looks back at me and says “but I have to say, I’m happy for you. You seem happy and, ya know man, you gotta do you” He continued to say similar things for another minute or two, always using the correct pronouns, before wandering back off to hang out with his friends. He was the only one of that crowd to talk to me all night. Mind=blown. Afterwards, one of my friends and I joked that we didn’t think that was going to end nearly that well and we were pleasantly surprised to see that some people do change.

Reunion Night Attire
In other news, I had recently posted about a family friend whose 4 year old is doing the gender-questioning thing. This kid has more empathy and compassion in her tiny 4-year-old toe than most adults have all together. Apparently, while in the bathroom the other day, she encountered her first transwoman (until then, her only exposure to trans people was me) and, after getting permission to talk to a stranger, decided to tell the lady she was “very pretty”. She started crying and told Melissa that she had just begun using the women’s bathrooms and it was the first time she’d ever been made to feel safe and welcome there and that she was happy to see some love and acceptance from the younger generation. Melissa, of course, told her about me.

I’m really struggling to find decent, in depth, topics to write about. So if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to throw them this way.

Until next time,


Bonus Material: Look at this adorable, useless cat. All she does is make my black shirts white.
Bonus Material: Look at this adorable, useless cat. All she does is make my black shirts white.

Therapy Round 2

So I had my next therapy session today. I’m going to forewarn anyone who might read this: this post might get a little whiny.

Anyhow, Therapy. We looked over the pictures that I had mentioned in a previous post. I had mentioned before that I wasn’t quite sure what she wanted them for. Basically she wanted to look at them, see what I looked like through the years and she sort of expected me to be able to pin point a real moment for her when I felt like I was in the wrong skin. I guess “expected” is a bad word. I feel like I have a hard time looking back at the pictures and saying “yup, I was uncomfortable in my skin here.” We don’t photograph the bad moments. We don’t take pictures the days we feel miserable or broken.

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Memory Lane: Prepping for my Next Therapy Session

So for my next therapy session, my therapist has asked me to bring in a few pictures of myself from over the years. There were 3 age ranges she was mostly looking for: 5-10, 12-15, 18-25. So Melissa and I took some time to go through the pictures I have. I really don’t have many pictures from my childhood – when my mom took off she took a lot of those pictures with her. Most of what I have now are pictures that I had taken off to college with me. I’m not sure what she wants the pictures for; maybe to get a better idea of how I’ve changed through the years. But Melissa and I actually had a good time going though some of my old pictures last night looking for them, so I thought that I’d share them with you. Continue reading Memory Lane: Prepping for my Next Therapy Session

Good News All Around!

First thing’s first, Androgel has just been released as a generic! For those of you that don’t know what this means, it means the price will start coming down for that particular product here in the states. With it only being available from a single generic manufacturer right now, you can rest assured prices will remain pretty close to the brand-named product for now, but as more manufacturers begin to make it, you’d better believe the prices will be coming down. This is awesome news for those whose insurance doesn’t cover transitioning.

Generic Androgel is now available!

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