#TransForTheHolidays Pictures!

We’ve gotten our first packs boxed up, labeled and I’ll be dropping them off tomorrow morning before work.

Some are on here, but click on over to the Facebook Page to see the whole collection.

Also, if you’re interested in donating to help with shipping costs – we’ve set up a PayPal for that. Without further adieu, a few of our pictures from tonight.




Time Flies

So this week marks a year since I gave myself my first shot. The 25th to be exact.

I feel like the racing thoughts in my head that usually keep themselves to a pleasant buzz have piped up to an inescapable cacophony. It’s rather unpleasant. I feel like the side of my brain that usually keeps all of that in check just took the week off and didn’t tell me. The methodical, calculating side can’t keep up with the damn-near manic output of the reactive side and my usual patience seems basically gone.

Today I Learned to Poke Needles into my Leg

So to commemorate my experience, I thought I’d share some pictures of me through the years. Continue reading Time Flies